Functional Medicine | What To Expect

A no-charge 15-minute consultation is available prior to your first visit, find out about our program!

Prior to your initial visit: You will need to complete our four health questionnaires and return them to our
office. Additionally have any past pertinent medical records or labs sent to or office. Once our certified
functional medicine specialist, Dr. Jahnaya Rebarcak, C.F.M.P., has reviewed your forms we will contact you to
schedule your first visit.

First Visit: This initial appointment is 75-minutes and will consist of a detailed history, reviewing your
health forms and a limited physical exam. If indicated, lab work will be ordered on this visit.

Second Visit: Once lab results are received we will contact you to schedule your second 90-minute
visit. We will explain your lab results, formulate a diagnosis, and present any supplements or programs
you may need. Dr.Jahnaya will thoroughly answer your questions regarding your road to improved health.

Third Visit: Once any supplements are received we will contact you to schedule a 30-minute
visit. We will finalize and review additional recommendations for treatment, which may include dietary
changes, detoxification programs, or other lifestyle modifications to get you off the path of medications
and chronic disease and on the path to optimum health, wellness and longevity!

FINALLY...A doctor who will take time to talk to you, review your whole health history,
and figure out what is wrong!

Follow-Up Visits: For some cases follow up visits may be warranted. These appointments are 30-
and we will discuss your progress and address any problems you may be experiencing.